…and then I spent an hour looking up 'burrito' on google….

Mid-week: it was my turn to come up with an idea for dinner,  I went shopping after dinner thinking maybe something Italian (=easy, quick and nom.) but then I had the epiphany….


Except I didn’t realise just how much of an epiphany it was until it came to eatin’ time…. 😀

Perhaps it was the chorizo I added, perhaps it was the cos lettuce that fit so neatly within the wrap, perhaps it was the mozzarella cheese I decided on for that little bit of added messiness, perhaps it was Mark’s delicious homemade Mexican rice…. whatever it was….

They were AMAZING.

I woke up this morning still full and happy – not that bloated feeling at all. I spent the day in work smiling a little secret smile because I knew that when I got home this evening there would be… more burritos.

and THEY were amazing.


Not only that, Mark made cake-in-a-mug for desert.

Happy Weekend!! x


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