ATS® Workshops at ‘Being Human – A Day of Dance and Movement

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‘Imagine being able to walk into a room of dancers, people you have never met before, some who don’t speak your language and to be able to stand up and dance as one… communication through movement.’

On Saturday 2nd May 2009, Cultivate are hosting ‘Being Human’ – A Day of Dance and Movement at their Temple Bar headquarters. An all day festival where teachers will hold workshops on many different styles of dance.

I will be holding two workshops on basic technique for American Tribal Style® Belly Dance where I will teach a series of slow and fast moves in the FatChanceBellyDance® format along with the basics of Improvisational Choreography. Participants will come away with an understanding of ATS® in an exciting format which is recognised by thousands of dancers world wide.

My workshop times are 3:00pm – 4:30pm in Classroom 6 and 5:45pm – 7:15pm in Classroom 1/2. I will incorporate some light warm-up stretches, nothing to strenuous so please don’t be nervous! Please bring lots of water and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and bring a scarf for your hips.


I have some tickets still available at €20 for a day pass to the event. Please contact me at if you would like to purchase one. You can pre-register for workshops you would like to attend after you purchase by visiting

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ECHO ECHO and Silver Cloud Lounge – VIDEOS!!

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Thanks to my dear gentleman Bear I can now present videos of my two recent gigs for your viewing pleasure:

Echo Echo is short and sweet… and after a little bit of technical wizardry it now plays the right way up so you won’t get a crick in your neck watching.

I’m very happy to be taking part in Silver Cloud Lounge @ Sin É on Dublin’s Ormond Quay.

On Tuesday nights Sin É becomes a playground for dancers, performers and musicians hosted by DJ Billy – an oasis of craic and talent in an otherwise gloomy school night.

DJ Billy mixes up a magical combination of  Jazz/Soul/Funk/Reggae/Brazilian/Balkan and this week – I served up a low-bling-shaking-ma-thing set of tribal moves…. and there will be more where that came from…

Next week sees myself and the Bear off to Amsterdam for a well earned break. After which I’m on the final hunt (I hope) for space to start my ATS® Tribal Basics course in Dublin and I’ll be looking into more gigs and workshops around Ireland and the UK. Watch this space… x

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Some stills from my recent performance at the Echo Echo Dance Sunday Session in Derry. I have a video too – which will be posted as soon as we figure out how to flip it the right way up…

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Its just a whiff but….

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There is a hint of Spring in the air. I mean… its Dublin in January – cold, wet, windy… but there is a definite sense. The seasons are turning – as marked by the great windy rainstorms we’ve had these last couple of weeks.

One Saturday, The Bear and I walked through Ranelagh Park on the way to the Village. Look who we met on the path…

The Bear and The Tree

It was kind of awesome to witness this.  It was nice as well to notice, in the following days before the Council came and cleared it away, that other people, despite it being early morning commuter time, paused to look… and seemed to pass some time with this old tree before going on to the day job.


Another happening this weekend was TRIBALONDON! Now… I wasn’t there (meh) but I know from reliant sources that it was awesome. I also know that part of the reason it contained the amount of awesomeness it did was down to the tireless work and effort of my excellent friend, JESSE.

Jesse and Philippa

Jesse, in case you haven’t already heard – you ROCK.

Jesse and Philippa are teaching classes and workshops in FatChance ATS® in London right now.  Yup, you SHOULD go…

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Last week was a productive one – oh yes! {Said in David Tennant Doctor Who voice}

It startedWith ~Moirai~ at FireWater, May 2008. with a great night at the Winter Hafla in the Wellington Pub. I got to see all my Dublin dancing girls old and new. AND I performed two solos, Tribal Fusion pieces to Beats Antique. Dancing Solo is still a new thing for me so I was quite nervous but they went down well… and I loved being back in the spotlight.  Shameless, me.

Pictures and Video coming soon!

AND by a series of random coincidences and change meetings I have some announcements…

I’ll be dancing at the Dice Bar this Wednesday (28th Jan). The excellent DJ Billy with be hosting and its… gonna be huge. 🙂

Also, Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company are hosting an open stage Sunday Session in Derry, NI this Sunday (1st Feb) from 7pm onwards. I think its about time I checked in and brought some ATS® to my old home town.

And the gig-hunting continues. I’m having many thoughts on how we can bring Tribal more into the spotlight in Ireland – there are plans afoot – watch this space for details and updates!

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Alina Gazdieva ~ Hafla and Workshops

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Open Stage Hafla and Indian Dance Workshops

Saturday 17th Januray 2009


A Gathering to Celebrate….. Dance! Roll up Roll up! Come and see the show!!

Dancers from Dublin’s Tribal Community Featuring performances from Dublin Tribal Troupes – RASHANI and INDIVARA, with solo performances from Alina Gazdieva, Wendy Marlatt, Tatiana Franey and yours truly <twinkle!!>…. and more!


Location: Upstairs @ The Wellington, Baggot St, Dublin 2


Indian Dance with Alina Gazdieva

12:00pm – 2:00pm ~Bollywood Styling~
2:30pm – 4:30pm ~Classical Styling~

Location: St Nicolas Myra Centre, Francis Street, Dublin 8.

€25 each or €40 for both

~Alina Gazdieva~

Alina began Oriental Dance in Northern Russia in a professional Indian Dance Troupe over 10 years ago.

After three years of Kathak training, Alina performed at a variety of international festivals. Shortly thereafter, Bollywood music became her true love and source of dance inspiration.

Alina combined her passion for Bollywood music with video study of dance routines performed by Hena Malini, and Madhuri Dixit to create her own unique fusion style of Bollywood and Classical Indain Elements.

Her love and passion for dance brought her to Dublin to teach Bollywood and she has taken part in dance shows and festivals throughout Ireland including The Festival of World Cultures.

She also practises Belly Dance and Tribal Belly Dance which provide a wide and wonderful experience in learning different styles of Oriental Dance.

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Hello world!

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I see you!

Welcome to Speak from the hip! My home on the interwebs where you will find various witterings on my life in Dublin and wherever else I may end up….

Its also about my life as a Mother, Dancer, Performer and teacher of American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and my constant, shameless self-promotion!

Dancing with ~Moirai Tribal~ London 2008

Dancing with ~Moirai Tribal~ London 2008

I’m a dancer, I love what I do, I love the stage, I love this dance and I want to share it.

Wish me luck!

lotus flower

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