ECHO ECHO and Silver Cloud Lounge – VIDEOS!!

Thanks to my dear gentleman Bear I can now present videos of my two recent gigs for your viewing pleasure:

Echo Echo is short and sweet… and after a little bit of technical wizardry it now plays the right way up so you won’t get a crick in your neck watching.

I’m very happy to be taking part in Silver Cloud Lounge @ Sin É on Dublin’s Ormond Quay.

On Tuesday nights Sin É becomes a playground for dancers, performers and musicians hosted by DJ Billy – an oasis of craic and talent in an otherwise gloomy school night.

DJ Billy mixes up a magical combination of  Jazz/Soul/Funk/Reggae/Brazilian/Balkan and this week – I served up a low-bling-shaking-ma-thing set of tribal moves…. and there will be more where that came from…

Next week sees myself and the Bear off to Amsterdam for a well earned break. After which I’m on the final hunt (I hope) for space to start my ATS® Tribal Basics course in Dublin and I’ll be looking into more gigs and workshops around Ireland and the UK. Watch this space… x

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