Last week was a productive one – oh yes! {Said in David Tennant Doctor Who voice}

It startedWith ~Moirai~ at FireWater, May 2008. with a great night at the Winter Hafla in the Wellington Pub. I got to see all my Dublin dancing girls old and new. AND I performed two solos, Tribal Fusion pieces to Beats Antique. Dancing Solo is still a new thing for me so I was quite nervous but they went down well… and I loved being back in the spotlight.  Shameless, me.

Pictures and Video coming soon!

AND by a series of random coincidences and change meetings I have some announcements…

I’ll be dancing at the Dice Bar this Wednesday (28th Jan). The excellent DJ Billy with be hosting and its… gonna be huge. 🙂

Also, Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company are hosting an open stage Sunday Session in Derry, NI this Sunday (1st Feb) from 7pm onwards. I think its about time I checked in and brought some ATS® to my old home town.

And the gig-hunting continues. I’m having many thoughts on how we can bring Tribal more into the spotlight in Ireland – there are plans afoot – watch this space for details and updates!

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  1. Claire Says:

    Want some publicity?
    Let me know and we could do a feature for La Journal in advance of Sunday’s Echo Echo doodah?
    I think it would be a cracking story!

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