Happy 2009!

2008 was an interesting year for me in alot of ways – 2009 is gonna be even better!

I have alot of plans for this coming year – right now alot of my time is spend trying to mold these plans into a choesive bundle …

Question 1: WHERE DO I START?

I guess I start with what I want to do – easy – I want to teach American Tribal Style® Bellydance in Dublin.

Actually I’ll teach it anywhere in Ireland and I’ll travel to the UK to teach workshops if the opportunity comes up.

My students are in for a treat – a revolution in how they approach dance and how they relate to their own bodies. This isn’t just a class where you will learn moves – this is a space for you to really get to know and love your body!

The plans are afoot, the Mindmaps are drawn…. For now I want to wish you all love, blessings and light for 2009!


2 Responses to “Happy 2009!”

  1. Andy Says:

    Hi Laura,

    I hope your 2009 is a great one. Best of luck with the teaching and dancing.


  2. Tatty Franey Says:

    honnybunny 🙂 great plans and i think we are thinking alike 😉 we better get together and talk sometime!!!

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