Its just a whiff but….

There is a hint of Spring in the air. I mean… its Dublin in January – cold, wet, windy… but there is a definite sense. The seasons are turning – as marked by the great windy rainstorms we’ve had these last couple of weeks.

One Saturday, The Bear and I walked through Ranelagh Park on the way to the Village. Look who we met on the path…

The Bear and The Tree

It was kind of awesome to witness this.  It was nice as well to notice, in the following days before the Council came and cleared it away, that other people, despite it being early morning commuter time, paused to look… and seemed to pass some time with this old tree before going on to the day job.


Another happening this weekend was TRIBALONDON! Now… I wasn’t there (meh) but I know from reliant sources that it was awesome. I also know that part of the reason it contained the amount of awesomeness it did was down to the tireless work and effort of my excellent friend, JESSE.

Jesse and Philippa

Jesse, in case you haven’t already heard – you ROCK.

Jesse and Philippa are teaching classes and workshops in FatChance ATS® in London right now.  Yup, you SHOULD go…

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  1. mummwra Says:

    NO….YOU rock!! 🙂

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