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I am a dancer who is proud and passionate about her work. I have put years into honing my skills and I will continue to do so with a happy heart. I consider myself lucky to be one of those people who find their true passion in life and even more lucky to be in a position to share it with those who are curious and willing to learn.

I have assumed the responsibility of teaching this dance form to  others and I have to say that sometimes its not easy, I have wonderful students, I have a beautiful dance space – that aspect is fine – but I sometimes struggle with trying to define American Tribal Style Belly Dance® and Tribal Fusion to a wider audience.

A couple of articles have been published recently that will help me with this particular little mission.

The first is an account of a workshop with Jamila Salimpour. Asharah, the voice of Bellydance Paladin was lucky enough to be at that workshop with the 84 year old ‘Mother of American Tribal Style®’ in September of this year… Asharah gives great insight into the true origins of  ‘ATS® Old School’ moves and there are a couple of choice links at the end which are well worth checking out by anyone interested in finding out more.

The second article, taken from The Guilded Serpent, focuses on the little sister of American Tribal Style® –  Tribal Fusion and how, as writer Jasmine June puts it…

it is especially important to treat the genre [Tribal Fusion] with a level of professionalism, or else one runs the risk of discrediting the work of dancers who have dedicated their lives to creating and elevating Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Quite. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, in the land of La

My classes are winding down as the Silly Season approaches and plans for afoot for even more classes in the New Year.  If anyone out there would like a free taster, come along to the Dublin Holistic Centre Christmas Open Day on Dec 18th where I’ll be hosting a workshop. Info on upcoming classes, performances, workshops, and general happenings will hit the network as and when the adventure unfolds!

For now, I wish you all a Happy, Peaceful and Love filled Christmas and an Excellent New Year!

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4 Responses to “Lineage.”

  1. Ariane Mükan Says:

    Hi Laura,
    as noticed you to be a Tribal dancer with a FCBD sister studio, I turn to you for support with information + if availlable 1-2 high quality photos with 1 MB and more.
    I am writing an article for the German magazine “Tanz Oriental” about the Tribal history in Ireland and about the Irish Tribal Scene.
    As I need the infos prferred yesterday and the pics at the latest on Saturday, it would be very friendly to help me!
    Many thanks in advance
    Ariane-also a Tribal addicted 🙂

  2. Gosia Says:


    Just to ask when the classes start in the new year. Thanks.

  3. Lauramaeve Says:

    Classes start back on Thursday 6th January 🙂

  4. Lauramaeve Says:

    Hi Ariane, I’ve been away for the New Year so if you are still interested in information can you email me at – thanks!

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