New Year thoughts…

I always get very reflective around NYE – watching the fireworks around the world and all the people having a grand old time of it. This time around however I haven’t let myself get to mired in that thought process. Why? Because I find that getting myself out of the mood generated by those kinds of thoughts can take days and drain all my energy. I simply don’t want to be there right now.

I mentioned in my last post that 2008 was an eventful year for me. This time last year I was sharing a house in London with a group of pretty fantastic creative humans and one large ginger cat. I was in a job I hated, but it paid the bills. Most of my out-of-the-office time was taken up with dancing…

In late April I was on my regular morning commute on the Central Line when I attacked. I was in a carriage full of fellow commuters when this psychotic motherfucking asshole (sorry) decided he didn’t like my face and proceeded to grab me round the neck and drag me on to the ground. He was pulled off me and I was pulled away and actually I don’t want to go any further into the details again. Suffice to say that the police, although very kind and helpful, weren’t able to track the creature down.

Although not alot changed on the exterior and the bruises faded in a few days, my internal views changed. I didn’t go out unless I had to and if I did it was during the day, staying within East London and not going on the Tube, or I was with friends. Travelling to work just made me cry.  I lost alot of trust in people, its like someone came in and slapped my inner child and promised worse if she told anyone – or showed her vulnerability in public.

So I spent alot of 2008 licking my wounds, the internal stresses manifested as a physical condition that pretty much incapacitated me for a few months, western medicine shrugged its shoulders and prescribed maximum doses of pain-killers so I turned to Homeopathy which worked and is amazing!

I don’t want this post to turn into a complete downer so here is a list of things that made 2008 one of the best years of my life:

1. I danced with alot of gorgeous ATS® dancers from around the world and even got paid for it!

2. I got my teaching certification from the ATS® Momma herself – Carolena Nericcio

3. I fell in love. 🙂

4. I moved back to Dublin and re-connected with alot of old friends

There are more, I’m just not in the right head-space to think of them right now. Moving back to Dublin happened alot faster than I thought it would, months earlier than I planned for, but here I am. I do miss alot of aspects of London, of course. Since I’ve moved back to Ireland in the depths of winter, and now that I have a job for the next few months and a place to live, I am in hibernation mode. But I’m restless. Although I’m confident that alot of the ground work has been done I still have alot to do…


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