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Required Reading

I am a dancer who is proud and passionate about her work. I have put years into honing my skills and I will continue to do so with a happy heart. I consider myself lucky to be one of those people who find their true passion in life and even more lucky to be in a position to share it with those who are curious and willing to learn.

I have assumed the responsibility of teaching this dance form to  others and I have to say that sometimes its not easy, I have wonderful students, I have a beautiful dance space – that aspect is fine – but I sometimes struggle with trying to define American Tribal Style Belly Dance® and Tribal Fusion to a wider audience.

A couple of articles have been published recently that will help me with this particular little mission.

The first is an account of a workshop with Jamila Salimpour. Asharah, the voice of Bellydance Paladin was lucky enough to be at that workshop with the 84 year old ‘Mother of American Tribal Style®’ in September of this year… Asharah gives great insight into the true origins of  ‘ATS® Old School’ moves and there are a couple of choice links at the end which are well worth checking out by anyone interested in finding out more.

The second article, taken from The Guilded Serpent, focuses on the little sister of American Tribal Style® –  Tribal Fusion and how, as writer Jasmine June puts it…

it is especially important to treat the genre [Tribal Fusion] with a level of professionalism, or else one runs the risk of discrediting the work of dancers who have dedicated their lives to creating and elevating Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Quite. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, in the land of La

My classes are winding down as the Silly Season approaches and plans for afoot for even more classes in the New Year.  If anyone out there would like a free taster, come along to the Dublin Holistic Centre Christmas Open Day on Dec 18th where I’ll be hosting a workshop. Info on upcoming classes, performances, workshops, and general happenings will hit the network as and when the adventure unfolds!

For now, I wish you all a Happy, Peaceful and Love filled Christmas and an Excellent New Year!

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A Leetle Announcement

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Ganesh and Willow Love Wands

Today, July 7th 2009, I am in my 14th week of pregnancy with my first child.

We’re very excited. The Bear braved the hormone surges and mood swings and survived the first trimester relatively unscathed,  I pretty much cried the whole way through got though it despite the nausea and complete loss of appetite and a scare at 10 weeks when I was certain I had miscarried.

Everything is ok. I’m getting bigger by the day. I’ve lost my appetite and found a junk food addicts.

I’m blaming the hormones, but there has also been a huge amount of mental processing. Many many thoughts and questions….

(do cheese and onion crisps, sweet and sour chicken and sushi count as brain food?)

The big question for me, aside from all the pregnancy and baby stuff was

What does this mean for my dancing??

And yes, there is all the pregnancy and baby stuff, which is all lovely… and daunting…. and exciting but I’ve realised that if I need to take some time for ‘me’ – especially now as the ‘me’ times are numbered!

I went through a period of about 5-6 weeks where I was really low.  It was just after I found out and I was… in shock. I had started reading about pregnancy and going through websites and very quickly managed to scare myself silly.  So I stopped reading. Plenty of time for that later.

I was convinced for a while that this was it – no more dancing for La. Not a good thought. Until I came across this beautiful piece by Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu) on Oriental Dancer dot net.  Its a bit text heavy but stick with it – its a beautiful story and it helped me through alot of ick and what if.

So much so that I’m gonna set up another Tribal Belly Dance workshop in Dublin soon. With a twist.

If there ever was a good time to dance then this is it.

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Introduction to American Tribal Style® Belly Dance – workshop coming up!

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I’m teaching a workshop in the lovely Phoenix Yoga Studio in Mullingar on 30th May from 2pm – 4pm.


In the first half of the workshop participants will learn a little of the history of this beautiful art form and will be trained on basic technique incorporating gentle stretching, posture and a series of slow and fast moves with drills and combinations.

In the second half, participants will learn about the concept of Improvisational Choreography and the art of dancing within a group using cues and formations to create a unique and beautiful dance!

The workshop costs €40, payable on the day.  If you need any more information please contact me!

My Zils!

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ECHO ECHO and Silver Cloud Lounge – VIDEOS!!

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Thanks to my dear gentleman Bear I can now present videos of my two recent gigs for your viewing pleasure:

Echo Echo is short and sweet… and after a little bit of technical wizardry it now plays the right way up so you won’t get a crick in your neck watching.

I’m very happy to be taking part in Silver Cloud Lounge @ Sin É on Dublin’s Ormond Quay.

On Tuesday nights Sin É becomes a playground for dancers, performers and musicians hosted by DJ Billy – an oasis of craic and talent in an otherwise gloomy school night.

DJ Billy mixes up a magical combination of  Jazz/Soul/Funk/Reggae/Brazilian/Balkan and this week – I served up a low-bling-shaking-ma-thing set of tribal moves…. and there will be more where that came from…

Next week sees myself and the Bear off to Amsterdam for a well earned break. After which I’m on the final hunt (I hope) for space to start my ATS® Tribal Basics course in Dublin and I’ll be looking into more gigs and workshops around Ireland and the UK. Watch this space… x

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Some stills from my recent performance at the Echo Echo Dance Sunday Session in Derry. I have a video too – which will be posted as soon as we figure out how to flip it the right way up…

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Alina Gazdieva ~ Hafla and Workshops

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Open Stage Hafla and Indian Dance Workshops

Saturday 17th Januray 2009


A Gathering to Celebrate….. Dance! Roll up Roll up! Come and see the show!!

Dancers from Dublin’s Tribal Community Featuring performances from Dublin Tribal Troupes – RASHANI and INDIVARA, with solo performances from Alina Gazdieva, Wendy Marlatt, Tatiana Franey and yours truly <twinkle!!>…. and more!


Location: Upstairs @ The Wellington, Baggot St, Dublin 2


Indian Dance with Alina Gazdieva

12:00pm – 2:00pm ~Bollywood Styling~
2:30pm – 4:30pm ~Classical Styling~

Location: St Nicolas Myra Centre, Francis Street, Dublin 8.

€25 each or €40 for both

~Alina Gazdieva~

Alina began Oriental Dance in Northern Russia in a professional Indian Dance Troupe over 10 years ago.

After three years of Kathak training, Alina performed at a variety of international festivals. Shortly thereafter, Bollywood music became her true love and source of dance inspiration.

Alina combined her passion for Bollywood music with video study of dance routines performed by Hena Malini, and Madhuri Dixit to create her own unique fusion style of Bollywood and Classical Indain Elements.

Her love and passion for dance brought her to Dublin to teach Bollywood and she has taken part in dance shows and festivals throughout Ireland including The Festival of World Cultures.

She also practises Belly Dance and Tribal Belly Dance which provide a wide and wonderful experience in learning different styles of Oriental Dance.

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Happy 2009!

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2008 was an interesting year for me in alot of ways – 2009 is gonna be even better!

I have alot of plans for this coming year – right now alot of my time is spend trying to mold these plans into a choesive bundle …

Question 1: WHERE DO I START?

I guess I start with what I want to do – easy – I want to teach American Tribal Style® Bellydance in Dublin.

Actually I’ll teach it anywhere in Ireland and I’ll travel to the UK to teach workshops if the opportunity comes up.

My students are in for a treat – a revolution in how they approach dance and how they relate to their own bodies. This isn’t just a class where you will learn moves – this is a space for you to really get to know and love your body!

The plans are afoot, the Mindmaps are drawn…. For now I want to wish you all love, blessings and light for 2009!


Hello world!

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I see you!

Welcome to Speak from the hip! My home on the interwebs where you will find various witterings on my life in Dublin and wherever else I may end up….

Its also about my life as a Mother, Dancer, Performer and teacher of American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and my constant, shameless self-promotion!

Dancing with ~Moirai Tribal~ London 2008

Dancing with ~Moirai Tribal~ London 2008

I’m a dancer, I love what I do, I love the stage, I love this dance and I want to share it.

Wish me luck!

lotus flower

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