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There is a hint of Spring in the air. I mean… its Dublin in January – cold, wet, windy… but there is a definite sense. The seasons are turning – as marked by the great windy rainstorms we’ve had these last couple of weeks.

One Saturday, The Bear and I walked through Ranelagh Park on the way to the Village. Look who we met on the path…

The Bear and The Tree

It was kind of awesome to witness this.  It was nice as well to notice, in the following days before the Council came and cleared it away, that other people, despite it being early morning commuter time, paused to look… and seemed to pass some time with this old tree before going on to the day job.


Another happening this weekend was TRIBALONDON! Now… I wasn’t there (meh) but I know from reliant sources that it was awesome. I also know that part of the reason it contained the amount of awesomeness it did was down to the tireless work and effort of my excellent friend, JESSE.

Jesse and Philippa

Jesse, in case you haven’t already heard – you ROCK.

Jesse and Philippa are teaching classes and workshops in FatChance ATS® in London right now.  Yup, you SHOULD go…

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Discouragement… and other demons.

Posted in Tales from the La... on January 7th, 2009 by Lauramaeve

The status on my facebook profile says:

“Laura is refusing to be discouraged… which isn’t hard as she is deeply excited and positive that all if this is going to work.”

Its been there for a while now and I’m using it as a sort of a mantra these days.  Its necessary as I’m having moments of ‘ohmygodwhathaveidone’ throughout the day and avoiding them is taking conscience effort.

When I found myself unemployed at the end of last October my main though was get out of London, go back to Dublin. Since then my life really has been a blur. I spent two intensive/fantastic weeks in Glastonbury, learning all I could from Carolena and Megha, making friends with some beautiful dancing ladies and letting my Witchy self tingle with pleasure and delight at the experience of magical Glastonbury!

Then it was back to London and bang! back to reality. I had a week to pack up my life. I went into a recycling/donating frenzy and downsized alot (but not enough!).  I didn’t have a chance to say a proper good-bye to everyone in London so I left with promises of going back when I was settled and having a proper going-away party. I had no set plan of what I was going to do when I arrived back in Dublin. I had a place to stay for a couple of weeks and Mark was going to be there – he’s been my rock through all of this.

I was keeping myself calm, not getting wound up with the little details. If something was out of my hands then I let it go and accepted it – not my normal semi-control freak pattern. And by letting it go, alot of things fell into place and despite my stressing things did work out. I have a job for the next couple of months, Mark and I have a place, I’m making my share of the rent, just, all the little bits of red tape involved in moving country are getting sorted and filed one by one.

Why then, am I sitting here, writing this blog, with a big lump in my throat? I have been like this for a while now, feeling like I have a sea of uncried tears to shed and they are building up, making my throat hurt and my eyes red?

But I’m not crying, I’m sweating the decisions I have made.

And yes…. I am pre-menstrual 🙂 but there is more to it.

I love Mark, there is no doubting that, and I consider myself lucky to have him and as far as that is concerned it’s a no-brainer. I made the right decision to be with him. He asked me the question a few days ago – ‘Do you miss London?’ and I answered him honestly – ‘Yes.’

Of course I miss London. I had a fantastic time there! But when it was time to go it was time to go. London was never a long-term plan.

So maybe the focus should not be on leaving London, but returning to Dublin, and my expectations of what I would find. The Dublin I have returned to is not the one I left 4 years ago. The changes are small, some may not even register beyond my own perception.  But they are there and the task of re-familiarising myself with a city I used to call home, to the extent that I am actually having to, is not something I was prepared for.

I have alot of thoughts and ponderings over the plans I have for a dance class and the performance opportunities there are for me here in Dublin and the rest of  Ireland. I still have a London mind-set and I need to re-adjust.

Discouragement from outside sources notwithstanding – I have my own demons to face.  Argh.

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