WARNING: Rant alert!

I had a check-up with the Doc yesterday. We are both doing well but Bubs is breech. This is fine for now but the doc advised that if baby hasn’t turned in three weeks then I will be booked in for a Caesarean. The word ‘compulsory’ was used.

Bubs and I have time to change position and align ourselves in readiness for a natural birth – there is no need for panic yet.

Nonetheless – I’m feeling a bit prickly.

I’m annoyed. On principal.

WHY is it, at the merest hint of a so-called complication, that professional bodies, experts in their field no less, baulk, run for the hills and wall you in with their butt-protecting fear-based policies?

WHY is it that they resort to hospital and surgery assisted births, using unnecessary and forceful techniques when labour isn’t progressing fast enough for them (sorry about eating into your tee-off time there, Doc) and in doing so create further complications which endanger Mother and Baby… oh but wait! – We can pump you full of drugs! Yea, you don’t need to know – you’ll be fiiiine.

I’m not a vending machine and Bubs is not on a timer.

Yup…. still prickling.

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